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Saturday, December 8, 2007'♥
we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

the dynamo outing maybe cancelled as we faced some problems wif the dates.
but dont be sad. D:
there will be a deadline if u all still want the outing.
DEADLINE: 12th dec

DYNAMO! try to get as many ppl as possible to come coze
if 10 ppl going, the outing will go on.
if less than 10, lets juz cancel it.

so u just tag at the blog
or inform atikah - eka_teenlife@hotmail.com
or yan ling - predestin-ed.steps@hotmail.com

-Editted below-

Please take note that Dynamo Outing is NOT on 12dec,
thats a date for you people to tell us whether you want the outing or not,
if less than 10replies by 12th Dec, which means Dynamo Outing is officially cancelled. Hope for Zone Outing instead [:

- Editted -
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Tuesday, December 4, 2007'♥
we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

I don't know what to do already lahs :/

Okay. Can like someone help me with this ?
Pleaseeeee. D:

Okays have asked Atikah to help me sms the others.
But for those who have no hp numbers. --
Email your free dates to predestin-ed.steps@hotmail.com / or simply inform me on msn, same email.
From 20th to 30th December.
&Whether you prefer Sentosa/Pasir Ris.
( Please don't ignore this notice. )
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we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

Hi ppl
Ben here
i juz changed my msn..coz i lost my previous
stupid rite??lol
anyway here it is:
pls re-add =DD
not much diff wif the previous..but there is abit..lol
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we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

kays ppl
platoon outing is coming up soon..
but theres this zone outing too.
details will be discussed...at a later date/time/[hopefully not year =P]
ok whos for it? whos not for it
pls state yr views
our head-of-outing yanling nids to decides some...stuff lol
so...pls tag =DDDDDDDDD
tell the other plts oso can
go sound them out
coz...aces and emble no blog
but the others alrady tio tag
but i told mali and kamal alr
from 3/5
rmb to tag whos on and whos not..haha
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Sunday, December 2, 2007'♥
we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

You all want a Zone Outing to be conducted ?
It's possible if every platoon agree.
So do you all mind ? : D
Most Probably would be a BBQ Session.
*Dynamo-ians please help me inform people from other platoons, if all agree it'll be a success then.
-- Take note :
Dynamo Outing is on 22nd December, Saturday. (Sentosa)
Dynamo-ians have to confirm with me by 12th Dec'!
Okay anyway, don't be disappointed if you can't make it. There's still a Zone Outing, hopefully alright.

Message by Yanling.
blogged @ 8:44 PM

we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥

yo there ppl
hoped u enjoyed pop?
rmb to complete the survey forms
whether u were at pop or not(lol)
BL survey form

AL survey form

joke of the day:wait til next time =P
cant think of any now
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Saturday, December 1, 2007'♥
we love dynamo as much as we love ourselves! ♥


Oh yeah, the outing's on 22ND DECEMBER 07, SATURDAY.
We're going to SENTOSA & Play :D

*** Those who cannot make it please tag with your name,
or inform me through any ways(: ,
ALL have to confirm with me by 12TH DEC' Thankyous ;D

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  • November 2007
  • December 2007


    D Y N A M O
    Belongs to St.John's Ambulance Brigade Zone 3!
    However, we're from Platoon 4,
    & We simply love SJAB! :D
    We'll bond as much as we can, as thats part of the reason we're in NCOC, as well as etc [:

    --This is our blog so Click here if you hate it.


    We wants to be friends forever, we swear we won't forget each other [: &We also craved to win the Best Platoon Award :D

    In our hearts & little twinkie mind, we know we've been the best. Cause we know we are :D
    We would like to be a flower which blooms to full glory and dies, than being a tree that never blossoms. We would like to be a spark that burns with a brilliant blaze for a moment, than being a light which cannot show path to anyone. We would like to be a superb meteor which carries a magnificent glow, than being a sleepy and permanent planet.


    They applauded us and gave us a standing ovation.

    Dynamo-ians Cheers'


    SJAB Zone 3
    ♥ Platoon Commander : Kiat Siang
    ♥ Platoon Sergeant : Nisa

    ♥ Anh, ALTC
    Benedict, ALTC
    ♥ Charan, BLTC
    Christina, ALTC
    Denise, ALTC
    Gladys, BLTC
    ♥ Huimin, BLTC
    ♥ Janani, BLTC
    ♥ Joshua, BLTC
    ♥ Krystal, BLTC
    ♥ Kenneth, BLTC
    Liew Siew, ALTC
    ♥ Lisan, ALTC
    Meiting, ALTC
    ♥ Nadia, ALTC
    Noratikah, BLTC
    ♥ Quoc, ALTC
    ♥ Steven, ALTC
    ♥ Uma, BLTC
    ♥ Wanting, BLTC
    Yanling, BLTC

    -- Other Platoons :
    Libron, Platoon One
    Energizer, Platoon Two
    Redbull, Platoon Six


    Image: x
    Brushes: Deviantart
    Please leave the credits alone, thanks